10:15 am, worldli
Marketing watch: Marriott's Teleporters entertain and inspire newlyweds with virtual reality

Marriott is the next up to test virtual reality with its GetTeleported campaign targeting newlyweds outside of New York’s City Hall.

09:30 am, worldli
Meta wins: Ongoing implications as bot scraping continues to be good business in travel

Bot scraping continues to impact the Internet more than ever, which has a deep impact on travel companies, as seen in Distil Networks latest whitepaper.

01:33 pm, worldli
Skyscanner completes 2024 futurescape with focus on space travel

Metasearch site Skyscanner has released the final phase of its extended forecast travel in 2024, focusing on space travel, and the last frontiers of travel.

07:51 am, worldli
Expensify takes aim at Concur consolidation with free for contract offer

The upcoming integration of Concur into SAP has been seen as a cheeky marketing opportunity by relative-to-Concur upstart Expensify.

08:43 am, worldli
Startup pitch: HotelUpgrade makes a VIP out of any hotel guest

A new travel startup, HotelUpgrade, is creating a new way to book hotels for frequent travelers and those responsible for booking larger groups.

09:02 am, worldli
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Inspirato inspires investors to action, raises additional $20 million

Inspirato, the vacation destination club, has logged another $20 million in growth capital.

09:34 am, worldli
Startup pitch: Advlo connects adventure seekers to locals for tours and activities

Called Advlo, which stands for “adventure local,” the startup connects locals to adventure-seeking travelers.

08:50 am, worldli
Time traveling app re-builds the Berlin Wall via augmented reality

History will most certainly repeat itself for those using the “Timetraveler Berlin Wall” app, which visually reconstructs the Berlin Wall for tablet users.

09:40 am, worldli
Viator's data breach affects 1.4 million customers directly

The online tours and activities platform Viator revealed that a data compromise occurred in early September, affecting 1.4 million Americans.

08:00 am, worldli
EatWith cooks up $8 million to tackle the meal-sharing segment

EatWith is challenging the traditional means of eating out - i.e. going to a restaurant - and replacing it with the idea of a custom meal at a host’s house.

08:41 am, worldli
How airports are leveraging technology to drive revenue

Airports, for the most part, have invested heavily in the past years in self-service technology that keeps travelers informed and improves the experience.

09:47 am, worldli
Latest analysis of digital media consumption shows mismatch of ad dollars

American consumers continue to be engrossed in digital media - especially on social networks - yet advertisers are not matching ad dollars accordingly.

08:35 am, worldli
HomeAway expands with Expedia, listing over 100k home rentals

In a presentation at vacation rental technology confab RezFest, HomeAway CEO Brian Sharples announced an expansion of the initial pilot with Expedia.

07:23 am, worldli
Startup pitch: Hotel Room Alerts surfaces hotel availability via text and e-mail

Hotel Room Alerts is a new travel startup that facilitates the discovery and booking of sold-out hotel situations.

07:15 am, worldli
Do travel bloggers actually have direct influence on consumer decisions?

A recent Nielsen report explores the always-important and ever-evolving question of what content types influence consumer decisions the most.