12:44 pm, worldli
American Express boosts traveler care with enhanced traveler management

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has announced updates that enhance the current business travel product at this year’s annual GBTA conference.

10:30 am, worldli
Mobile bookings continue to show strength for hotel brands

According to the latest report on mobile bookings by L2 Think Tank, hotels are benefiting from the growing hunger to book via mobile, but have work to do.

09:00 am, worldli
OECD releases latest data on global access to data subscriptions

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has released its latest data on access to mobile data subscriptions globally.

09:34 am, worldli
Google Maps to offer Explore functionality in direct competition for local discovery

The travel space has long been in search of a winner in the local discovery space, especially as mobile has fueled increased local, contextual interest.

09:29 am, worldli
Startup pitch: XciteGo offers real-time marketplace for hotel stays

Emerging travel startup XciteGo has created a ‘stock market’ for hotels, where travelers can bid in an open forum for hotel rooms alongside hoteliers.

11:33 am, worldli
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Social sharing and social logins: Who's winning user engagement on social media?

User engagement is essential for the ongoing success of social networks. How are the companies responding to mobile growth and who’s winning on mobile?

09:37 am, worldli
Ranking of US destination underscores intense competition for thriving tourism

Tourism in the United States is on track for another banner year, with over 15 million arrivals in the first quarter alone. So which city is winning?

10:35 am, worldli
Marketing watch: Viral video spend and Facebook ads across devices

Viral video spend is set to increase and Facebook will soon track users across devices to deliver a seamless ad experience.

10:12 am, worldli
Finnair lambasted online after mistakenly saying it doesn't fly over Ukraine

Social media is a perilous environment during crises - something Finnair was reminded of today after claiming not to fly over Ukraine.

09:22 am, worldli
Metasurge: How to navigate the growth in metasearch for hotel brands

L2 Thinktank has applied its marketing intelligence brain to metasearch, offering insight into how brands can leverage meta into direct bookings.

10:19 am, worldli
Digital timeline of a tragedy: Malaysia Airlines MH17

An international incident is unfolding online, as Malaysia Airlines MH17 has disappeared from radar and has lost contact with the parent airline.

10:42 am, worldli
Airbnb announces complete rebranding with a "symbol of belonging"

P2P rental pioneer Airbnb has announced a new direction and a fresh look at an international event broadcast live from the original Airbnb apartment.

09:41 am, worldli
Online reviews continue to garner power as reliable gauge

Local SEO firm BrightLocal has updated its annual user review report, which looks at how users create and rely on online reviews of local businesses.

11:49 am, worldli
Updated analytics and advertising options on Twitter and Facebook

The past few days saw two significant updates for advertisers from Twitter and Facebook, which are relevant to all social media marketers.

09:39 am, worldli
Startup update: Roadtrippers rolls out new API with updated, modern look

Road trip startup Roadtrippers has a new user interface, which includes an updated, modern look for the main interactive map.