11:54 am, worldli
Ad watch: Where ad dollars are going and consumer sentiment related to local search

Marketers: here’s a bit of data that pegs consumer sentiment and marketing spend as we head into the second quarter of the year.

08:24 am, worldli
Mapquest beefs up data with various partnerships that improve utility of maps

The original mappers at Mapquest have continued iterating the map product, eyeing a return to relevance in the mobile and information-rich world.

09:55 am, worldli

Sosh, the city concierge app that curates activities and events, has integrated with OpenTable with a friction-less path to booking a table at restaurants.

11:27 am, worldli
Japan Timeline: Local governments get boost with new web portal from inbound operator

Inbound travel operator Freeplus has come up with a clever way to engage international travel agents with information about Japan, called Japan Timeline.

09:49 am, worldli
Hug this bot: Internet of Caring coming to a hotel near you?

While the Internet of Things continues to heat up both imaginations and balance sheets, there’s a new buzzword brewing - the Internet of Caring.

08:59 am, worldli
Startup pitch: Kamino brings hikes and urban walks to smartphones

Kamino is opening up a refreshing take on the activity front: a crowdsourced travel app that brings the best walking tours to a smartphone.

09:38 am, worldli
YouthTech contradictions: Youth enjoy tech, but hate feeling enslaved

The latest “YouthTech” research from Voxhound shows an eternal contradiction: young UK tech users are both tired of being tethered and in love with tech..

09:59 am, worldli
Travel without traveling: Virtual reality is officially the hottest trend of 2014

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s acquisition of virtual reality handset maker Occulus, a new VR startup has emerged from stealth: it’s called Jaunt.

08:30 am, worldli
The future of SEO: Personalized search results, Google data collection and the IoT [VIDEO]

SEOs from across industries recently gathered in San Francisco to discuss personalized search results, Google data collection, and the Internet of Things.

10:49 am, worldli
Latest Google update penalizes guest blogging, drops travel websites

It seems that the Google team has finally taken algorithmic action to penalize sites overeliant on guest blogging, including several travel websites.

08:57 am, worldli
Popularity of mobile web diminishes as native apps capture more usage

Flurry has taken a look at the popularity of the mobile web versus native apps - and the mobile web is losing out steadily to native apps.

10:28 am, worldli
Airbnb's Shared City initiative spawns paid hotel taxes in Portland, San Francisco

Accommodations booked through hosts on Airbnb will soon be charged hotel taxes in both Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California.

08:42 am, worldli
Instagram continues to thrive under Facebook, showing massive surge in 2013

Instagram has enjoyed a massive 35% traffic surge in the United States, the latest stats from eMarketer show.

10:48 am, worldli
Twitter co-founder's Jelly gels into full Q&A app with a travel use case

Text-based Q&A keeps on coming, with yet another pivot into the space; this time by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Jelly.

10:10 am, worldli

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