10:59 am, worldli
Southwest reveals Listening Center, joining airline push towards real-time comms

Southwest Airlines has joined the ranks of carriers such as Atlanta-based Delta Airlines that have dedicated social media listening outposts.

10:38 am, worldli
Inspirato to open physical experience centers to promote luxury rentals

In a real-time marketing twist, luxury vacation rental company Inspirato has opened a series of “experience centers” in high-end malls around America.

08:51 am, worldli
Startup pitch: RM8 connects hostels to guests with cohesive tech ecosystem

RM8 is a new travel startup directly addressing the tech disparity in hostels, seeing a significant opportunity to deliver a mobile-based experience.

08:32 am, worldli
Rocket forth: Hyperlapse takes over branded marketing on Instagram

Not one to be left out of a trend, Instagram has followed the recent spate of single-use apps with a standalone time-lapse video app called Hyperlapse.

09:25 am, worldli
Skyscanner now scans the ground for hotels with standalone app

Skyscanner - known primarily for its air search prowess - is now offering insight on the ground with standalone app for hotel search.

08:53 am, worldli
Move over SoLoMo! It's the year of the mocal traveler

Many pixels have been spilled over the rise of SoLoMo - social/location/mobile. This is the year of the mocal traveler, according to MDG Advertising.

08:17 am, worldli
A quick location-based hack to locate friends and colleagues worldwide

A quick location-based hack called Where They At has liberated geo-tagged data and placed it on a map for easy browsing.

06:53 am, worldli
Virtual tours now become real-time with Georama's unique live tours

Travel startup Georama has created a live video setup - contained within a backpack - that allows tour guides to offer live tours of destinations worldwide.

09:33 am, worldli
As digital media now primarily consumed on mobile, brands must keep up

comScore has released its latest report looking at the digital media consumption habits of American consumers, offering yet another reminder that brands must keep up in order to maintain mindshare.

08:04 am, worldli
Startup pitch: Golfscape offers a platform to plan and book golf worldwide

Co-founded by Michael Galasso and Raghas Mukhaimer, Golfscape positions its service as “the modern golf concierge for luxury destination golf.”

08:13 am, worldli
Automated car hailing dropped into both Marriott and Expensify

Uber continues to link-up with other providers, demonstrating the monstrous latent demand for providing on-demand rides within travel apps.

07:56 am, worldli
Google tests new hotel search, pushes Hotel Price Ads to second click

Google has been testing an evolved hotel search layout, leaning more on its mobile layout for hotel search on the original desktop search page.

11:12 am, worldli
Expedia reveals travel data platform ambition with revamped tablet app

The Expedia brand has teased a new tablet app for Android and iOS, revealing a strategic move towards a more cohesive, data-driven tablet experience.

07:37 am, worldli
Turbulence for the P2P economy as FAA bans flight sharing

The FAA handed down an unwelcome clarification for flight sharing startups last week, ruling that private pilots could not publicly sell open seats on their planes.

08:44 am, worldli
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How Pinterest Messaging could transform travel planning

Messaging, a recently announced feature on the photo-pinning platform Pinterest, is the next phase of its domination of targeted consumer engagement.